Partners in Education: Supporting Our Troops


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Partners in Education: Supporting Our Troops

By Kasey Hott. CREATED Jun 4, 2012

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GREENVILLE - Mrs. Jones' sixth-grade class at Greenville Middle School has spent the school year sending letters and gifts to the brave men and women of the 395th, who are serving in Afghanistan.

"Every holiday, we send them letters. Usually, we each make two.. and at Halloween, our candy that we're not using we bring and put in the office so it can get sent to the soldiers," said student Nick Rosenfeldt.

"We like to make them, and we put a lot of work and effort into them," said sixth-grader Nick Hoppman.

These days, the students are focused on giving the troops a warm welcome when they return home in July.

"We are making posters and letters for the soldiers that are coming home from the 395th Division. We've been working really hard on these all year," said Nathan Bohman.

"I'll bet their friends and family will be happy to see them," said student Cecily Loveland.

The principal at Greenville Middle School says the project is all about teaching students how to reach out to others.

"We want the kids to be exposed to giving back to the community," said Principal Bruce Carrew.

"They should know  what has been done and what we are doing is protecting and defending the defenseless," said Sgt. Luciano with the 395th Ordnance Company.

The students say supporting area soldiers is something they will continue to do for years to come.