2012 Bellin Run: Getting Healthy

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2012 Bellin Run: Getting Healthy

By Mike Conroy. CREATED Jun 4, 2012

Sometimes we don't realize that our own heath isn't what it was or what it should be. For Green Bay's Beth Ginnow -Mandl, that reality kind of snuck up on her. "One day I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought where did I go? I kind of lost myself. At one point I had been physically fit and I had felt really good about myself and I could do things. But kind of with time I forgot about taking the time to kind of be physically active."

That's when Beth discovered the Bellin Run could be a good way to help her overall health. She began her training with baby steps. "I kind of started running really slowly and just personally outside spending a mile at a time and then kind of building up throughout the week and trying to do just a little bit more each time." Little by little, Beth started noticing some amazing results. "As I was training for the Bellin, in that process I lost 90 pounds. I definitely didn't even have that as a goal to begin with. I just wanted to get healthier altogether."

Beth was able to accomplish her goal with a lot of support from a person very close to her. "My dad has helped a lot because he is a runner himself. So we go down to the Fox River trail and we meet up and do runs together. Additionally my husband has been really supportive, kind of allowing me to take the time that is does take to spend on yourself to really lose weight and become healthy." Beth adds her exercise routine helps her husband. He too has started training and getting in shape.

You can watch Beth and thousands of others in the 2012 Bellin Run. Coverage begins June 9th Live on MyNEW32 starting at 7:00am.