Same Campaign Stop for Barrett and Walker


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Same Campaign Stop for Barrett and Walker

By Cassandra Duvall . CREATED Jun 3, 2012

DE PERE, WI - With 48 hours until a historic recall election, Gov. Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett make the same campaign stop at a farm breakfast in De Pere on Sunday morning.

The candidates came less than 50 ft. from each other, at the farm breakfast, but they didn't address each other. Instead they were busy meeting with voters and trying to sway those last few who are undecided.

Both Walker and Barrett served food to people attending the Brown County Dairy Farmer’s Breakfast.

“It's a good way to advertise themselves and get themselves out there for all the people,” said Holly Knipple.

With less than 48 hours until voting is underway, candidates and voters alike are looking ahead to Tuesday.

“I think people want to end on an up note,” said Gov. Walker. “I think they want to hear about our vision for the future, I believe elections are the future and not just about the past and I think we have a powerful case to be made.”

“It’s great time to travel throughout the state and the energy is high, the crowds have been very, very, very supportive,” said Barrett. “And I know we have thousands of people who are out on the streets, trying to reclaim Wisconsin.”

But a joyful Sunday breakfast didn't stop people from giving their political thoughts on the Recall race.

“I can pretty much say it's not going to be Walker,” said Knipple.

“As far as Mr. Barrett, I wish him well in the race. However, I will say this much, I wish he would just go back to Milwaukee and clean up his own mess first,” said Shawn Redzik.

Barrett and Walker were joined by some other politicians this morning. Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefish was touring with Walker and Sen. Herb Kohl joined Barrett.