Governor Debate Preview


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Governor Debate Preview

By Cassandra Duvall. CREATED May 31, 2012

BROWN COUNTY, WI - The final debate for the Governor's Recall race is set for Thursday night. A Marquette Law Poll released shows Gov. Scott Walker with a seven-point lead over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. But what will voters be looking for as they watch tonight's debate?

“The biggest issue on everybody mind is the job issue,” said Bob Kiefert with the Brown County Democratic Party. “And that's been clouded with all these advertisements and these claims and counter claims.”

Some Democrats say its jobs, but Republicans say it's looking at what's happened over the past year.

“What prompted this recall, and it was Act 10, the repeal of collective bargaining,” said Mark Becker with the Republican Party of Brown County. “That's why people were upset. I think you need to look at that and, ok, how did it turn out?”

Both of those issues will likely come up during the debate. But something both parties are looking at is how the candidates present themselves, especially Barrett.

“[Barrett] He’s a fighter backed-up in the 9th round, and throwing punches and hoping one sticks,” said Becker.

Democrats hope tonight, it's different.

“I hope he presents himself as the conciliator, as the non-confrontational leader that can bring the state back together again,” said Kiefert.

Thursday’s debate starts at 9:00 p.m. in Milwaukee. Watch NBC26 Live at 10:00 for the latest.