Memorial Day Push for Votes

Memorial Day Push for Votes

By Heather Burke. CREATED May 28, 2012

GREEN BAY-- On a quiet Memorial Day, Edward Coleman pounds the pavement.   

Going house to house with other republican volunteers--spreading the word.

"It's important for individuals to get out and vote. Obviously this is Memorial Day. I think vets give the ultimate sacrifice, and we owe it to them to thank them by voicing our opinions in the election process," Coleman said.

Meanwhile, democrats believe its their duty to take a break from the phones.

"Today is the day to be remembering them. It's not the day to be pounding the pavement, going door-to-door, and disrupting some kind of ceremony these people may be having," Democratic Party of Shawano chairwoman Leone Schneidewend said.

But they'll be back at it Tuesday.

"We will be doing phone calls. We have a list from the people that signed the recall," Schneidewend said.

Coleman carries his list of names, his tribute to vets by helping with the battle in our state.

"If I could help in the smallest bit possible by volunteering and getting out on this day, Memorial Day, I think I should," Coleman said.

Both parties will be working overtime the next eight days. They plan on going door-to-door and hitting the phones all this week.