Allouez Vets Honored


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Allouez Vets Honored

By Brian Miller. CREATED May 28, 2012

Allouez-- The catholic cemetery in Allouez held a special mass and an event to remember all the veterans and active members of the military. It was an emotional ceremony as the names of more than 350 soldiers were read off. That is just a fraction of the thousands of veterans buried in the Allouez Catholic Cemetery.

Memorial Day is a day that Craig Fletcher with the Disabled Veterans of America insists never gets enough attention.  “I think it's important we have more than one day, more than just Memorial Day to remember them but this is a chance for the average person to actually thank them for the freedoms that we have to live the lives the way we do,” Fletcher said.

The Allouez event was one of four ceremonies the green bay chapter of disabled veterans of America attended on Memorial Day.  The DVA was founded in 1920 and has more than a million members nationwide.