Memorial Day Warning

Memorial Day Warning

By Cassandra Duvall . CREATED May 25, 2012

DOOR COUNTY, WI - A warning tonight for travelers heading up north for the first time this weekend WPS said there may be pockets of downed trees and power lines, and they could be dangerous, especially if you’re heading to your summer home for the first time this year.

“Treat them like they're energized because you never know if they are or aren't,” said Kerry Spees with WPS. And Spees said if you’re biking, hiking or riding ATV’s, beware of low-hanging lines that may also be charged.

But the stormy weather is not stopping Robin Vallow from getting her Garden Gate Bed and Breakfast ready for the year.

“I have guests from all over the world, and I’m so intrigued by all their stories,” she said.

Plating and gardening, but she's also checking smoke detectors and all the electrical equipment at the inn, and doesn't want to be unprepared.

“They wait till something major happens and the say oh my gosh,” said Vallow.

At the Inn, Vallow tells those staying with her how to keep safe after storms.

“Stay on the main highways,” said Vallow. “Stay off the very, scenic path, which we always usually encourage them to go through.”

WPS said to report any downed lines or problems with your power.  

“Look up, look around, just be careful,” said Spees.