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Restaurant Closing Leaves Customers in a Bind


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Restaurant Closing Leaves Customers in a Bind

By Kasey Hott. CREATED May 24, 2012

GREEN BAY - A Green Bay restaurant has closed without warning, leaving a bride-to-be in panic.

Karen and Jim Caldie's daughter, Abby, contacted NBC26 after hearing that River's Bend Restaurant shut down less than two weeks before her wedding. Turns out, she's not the only customer left in a tough spot.

Karen Caldie says she received a phone call from a family member on Tuesday, telling her the restaurant had shut down.

"She was overhearing that Rivers Bend was in financial straits - that vendors would only come if they had cash," she said.

The Caldies say they were never contacted by the owner to notify them of the closing.

"I think he's not handling it at all. Previously, when we were talking to him on that Monday to finalize things, we were asking him questions - and he was saying 'Boy, you really want to pin me down. You really want details,'" said Karen.

Gerald and Donna Lahay know what the Caldies are going through. They were set to hold their 50th wedding anniversary party at River's Bend this Saturday.

"Yesterday, I received a call from a neighbor who was invited to our party.. and she said, 'I think there's a problem,'" said Donna.

The Lahays say they have yet to hear from the restaurant's owner, and NBC26's calls to the owner went unanswered, as well.

We called Fidelity Bank, the bank that now owns the restaurant, and the CEO issued this statement:

"We had been trying to work things out with the owner for a long, long time.. but now, the bank has the property, and is actively seeking a new owner."

Both the Caldies and the Lahays say they are hoping to get the word out, and warn anyone else who may have an event booked at River's Bend.