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Walker at Women’s Luncheon


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Walker at Women’s Luncheon

By Cassandra Duvall . CREATED May 22, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI – Gov. Scott Walker was in Green Bay Tuesday to speak at the Women in Politics luncheon. This comes on the heels of political ads accusing Walker of a war on women.

The ad is paid for by the Democratic Governor’s Association Action. They feature women discussing why they feel Gov. Walker is against them.

More than 200 women showed up to hear Gov. Walker at the luncheon. After his speech, many of the women discussed those ads targeting the Governor and his stance on women's issues.

"They're political, pure and simple,” said Nancy Burnham who attended the Women in Politics luncheon.

“I just can't believe they'd do something like that, I think it's a big lie,” said Mary Jane Walters, who also attended.

The ad refers to Walker's repeal of the 2009 Equal Pay Legislation, making wage-discrimination cases now go through a federal court.

But Walker said wage-discrimination is still illegal. He was only eliminating redundant state policies.  

“It was the law before 2009, it's the law today, and as long as I’m governor, it's going to continue to be the law that everyone deserves the same pay for the same work,” said Walker. “Their argument is false.”

And this debate on women's issues might be energizing voters.

“If this becomes a big issue, enough to motivate people to get out and vote, this works against the governor,” said Michael Kraft, UWGB Political Science Professor.

Kraft said the issues are important because it might shift votes.

“Women are more likely to vote Democratic than Republican, this is particularly so among young women and independents,” said Kraft.

Those individuals are especially targeted in the ads.

NBC26 contacted Democratic candidate for Governor, Tom Barrett, for reaction to Gov. Walker's stop in Green Bay, and the ads referring to the war on women, we never heard back from his staff.