Barrett & Falk Preparing for Primary

Barrett & Falk Preparing for Primary

By Kasey Hott. CREATED Apr 30, 2012

GREEN BAY - Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk are each making one last effort to gain support, with the hopes of becoming the democratic candidate for governor.

Over the past few weeks, both Falk and Barrett have been touring the state to drum up support for their campaigns. While they may have some different views, both say they agree that Governor Scott Walker is not right for Wisconsin.

Monday was a busy day for Barrett. He and Senator Herb Kohl made stops in three different parts of the state as part of their Restoring Wisconsin Values Tour.

"I think he will bring people together in a way that will be positive for Wisconsin," said Senator Kohl.

"Senator Kohl is revered and respected throughout this entire state, and in many ways, I think he's respected not just by democrats, but by independents and republicans," Barrett said.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Falk was in Madison, speaking out against Governor Walker.

"Governor Walker has turned our environmental watchdog into a lapdog. I call on Governor Scott Walker to replace the secretary of the DNR that he appointed and to restore an independent DNR," said Falk.

When it comes to next Tuesday's primary, both candidates say they have what it takes to go up against Governor Walker on June 5th.

"What all of these organizations have said by their endorsement of me is that I have the best record and the best chance to beat Scott Walker and go toe to toe with him 36 days from today," said Falk.

"I think all of the candidates are good candidates, but I'm focusing on Scott Walker," Barrett said.

Both Barrett and Falk say things aren't slowing down for them anytime soon. They'll be spending each day leading up to the primary campaigning all throughout the state.