Planned Parenthood Arsonist In Court

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Planned Parenthood Arsonist In Court

By Brian Miller. CREATED Apr 4, 2012

Green Bay, WI-- The man accused of fire-bombing a Grande Chute Planned Parenthood office says he did it because “they kill babies there.” Francis “Frank” Grady is charged with two felonies for allegedly using a hammer to break a window at the office and then use a water bottle filled with gas to start a fire. The fire was out before firefighters arrived in response to an alarm.

As Grady made his way into federal court facing two felonies for the alleged attack, he winked for the cameras. Once inside, Grady asked the judge “do you know they kill babies there for abortions?” After the judge told him he would face time in federal prison he said “What about the babies they killed there, where are they held?”

Grady also asked to plead guilty to the crimes and he asked to fire his court-appointed attorney.  "The court would have to relieve me before I can actually be fired from a case the court would have to do that not the defendant,” lawyer Tom Phillip said.

Grady is wearing a neck brace from a car crash about an hour after the fire was set at Planned Parenthood. He was cited for DWI following a car crash not far from the scene. The van he was driving and a figure carrying a hammer and water bottle were seen on the site's surveillance cameras. 

Grady asked the judge asked to be moved from Outagamie to the brown county jail because he said his broken neck needs constant medical care. The judge denied that request.  

Grady is due in court for a preliminary hearing April 19th. Outagamie County is holding Grady on a probation violation in addition to the federal charges. The judge denied bail and ordered Grady held until trial.