Romney To Visit Lawrence University

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Romney To Visit Lawrence University

By Brian Miller. CREATED Mar 29, 2012

Appleton, WI-- All eyes are on Wisconsin as the presidential primary nears. Republican candidate Mitt Romney looks to maintain his lead in the polls as he visits Lawrence University in Appleton Friday. The GOP front-runner’s visit is creating quite a buzz on campus. Student, faculty, seemingly everyone in the Lawrence community is pumped up about the visit.

Preparations are already underway at the university and his appearance has the campus buzzing. "It's absolutely creating some more political conversation on campus, and we've had growing interest in the Lawrence University Republicans and the Lawrence University Democrats are quite active,” said Community Council President Jake Woodford.  

Rachel Wittkopp is the president of the university's young Democrats and while Romney won't get her vote, it's still exciting to have him here. "It's generated a lot of excitement on campus just in terms of people wanting to stay involved in the voting process and to see why Romney has decided to come to Lawrence,” Wittkopp said.

 Both sides see Romney’s visit as a chance to build interest in the political groups on campus. "We're really trying to educate students on the political realm we find that a lot of students come into college and have one political view but you can ask them why they have that political view and it's not really, they don't really know,” said Lawrence Young Republicans president  Joshua Graber.

It's a visit voters say they are lucky to have and further proof Wisconsin is an important battleground state in 2012.

Romney will speak in the Stansbury Theater at 2:00 p.m. Limited seating will be available on a first come first serve basis.