Voter ID Law Struck Down Again


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Voter ID Law Struck Down Again

By Brian Miller. CREATED Mar 12, 2012

Green Bay-- A second judge struck down Wisconsin’s voter ID law, and this time, the injunction is permanent.  A different judge passed a temporary injunction against the law last week, but the state's attorney general says this fight isn't over.  The law's proponents say they'll continue to push it through the courts.

 Green Bay city clerk and election specialist Kris Teske says each polling place hired one employee to check identification and make sure the voter was at the correct precinct. "We had five training sessions and teaching the poll workers about the voter ID, so now we'll just take that away just call them and say we're not doing that anymore,” Teske said.

Teske says the March election went off without a hitch and the ID issue, really wasn't an issue. The law still draws plenty of attention. 

Patricia Finder-Stone sits on the board of the League Of Women Voter, the group that filed 1 of 4 lawsuits challenging the law, arguing it keeps those without proper ID from voting.  "I’ve already heard many people say I’m not going to bother with that and that's troublesome, we want all people to vote,” Finder-Stone said.

Attorney General J.B.  Van Hollen released this statement: "Wisconsin’s voter ID  law is consistent with the constitution , and I will appeal this decision."

Supporters of the law, including Gov. Scott Walker say it just makes common sense. The governor says he looks forward to introducing reforms that will protect the electoral process.