Cars fall through thin ice


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Cars fall through thin ice

By Brian Miller. CREATED Feb 25, 2012

Oshkosh-- It was a scary sight out on Lake Winnebago after close to 30 vehicles go underwater when the ice they were parked on cracked. Some cars were several inches under, others several feet. Luckily no one was inside.The cars were parked near Menominee Park for the "Battle on the Bago" fishing tournament.

A spot near the shore of Lake Winnebago seemed like a good place to park a car at 5:00 a.m. but by mid-morning several cars were sinking. "All it takes is a little bit of a hole or a crack and you see what happened everybody went in and there's probably going to go in later,” said tow truck driver Don Herman.

It will cost the vehicle’s owners between $500 and $2,000 to have the cars pulled out.  An expensive mistake and one Dennis Rymer says he won't make.  Rymer has been ice fishing for more than 30 years, but he's not out there this year.  "I got respect for the ice, I fell through the ice when I was 7 years old this is as far as I'll walk right here,” Rymer said.

Despite the cars in the water, organizers say this is the tournament's best year. Ticket sales nearly tripled from last year and close to $100,000 was raised for youth and conservation charities in Wisconsin. "The weather ironically has helped us out because fisherman south of Oshkosh into Indiana and Illinois have brought a number of people,” said organizer Glenn Curran.

No one was injured out on the lake today as for the cars that were submerged in water. The tow truck owner says all the cars he pulled out were totaled.