Birnamwood Murder Charges

Birnamwood Murder Charges

By Eric Peterson. CREATED Feb 23, 2012

Shawano, WI - 20-year-old Joshua Johnson is officially charged in Shawano County court today, in the brutal murder of his father.

 Prosecutors say Joshua Johnson killed 53-year-old Donald Johnson at their home in the Town of Birnamwood Tuesday morning, then called 9-1-1 to report what he did.

The District Attorney says this is the most violent case he's ever seen. He says Joshua shot, stabbed, and beat his father, when it was all over, Donald Johnson, had bled to death.

Proscutors say when 20-year old Joshua Johnson called 9-1-1, he simply said, "the deed is done."

"He shot his father first with a 20-gauge shotgun, striking him in the hand and cheek," said Gregory Parker, Shawano County District Attorney.

According to the criminal complaint, Johnson only wounded his father, and when he got up, Joshua beat him with the shotgun until it broke. He grabbed a knife, and stabbed his father, and beat him until he bled to death.

"When the detective asked him, what do you feel after your father had died, he said quote, unquote, 'relief,'" said Parker.

But the defense says Johnson is dilusional, and had a strained relationship with his father.

"My client is extremely distraught. But as he has indicated, he is at peace. There is a huge burden that has been lifted," said Jared Redfield, Attorney for Joshua Johnson.

Jared Redfield will be asking for a psychological evaluation. Johnson's family didn't want to talk, but their attorney did.

"The family is absolutely distraught. This came out of the blue," said Redfield.

Johnson is due back in court next week. Both sides say they will be calling experts, preparing for a psychological evaluation, expected to be ordered by the judge.