Appleton Snow

Appleton Snow

By Eric Peterson. CREATED Jan 12, 2012

Appleton, WI - Steady snow fell throught the day, blanketing the Fox Valley.

Driving was tricky at times in Appleton, but plows were out in full force, and people had to dig out, for the first time in months. 

By mid-morning, Highway 41 in Outagamie County, was snow-covered and slick.

"Cold, blustery, a little slippery, making driving conditions quite treacherous out there right now," said Ryan Rasner, a driver from De Pere.

Ryan Rasner says he is not looking forward to the ride home.

"Worrying about what's gonna happen when I gotta drive back to De Pere after work. so that's what I'm worried about right now," said Rasner.

And in town, it wasn't much better. This minivan barely made its turn.

"It's now starting to get wet. It was fluffier, earlier. But now, see people sliding a bit so," said Mark Mattson, a driver from Washburn.

Appleton plows were out in force, ganging up, to clear sections of the main roads. The National Weather Service says this slow moving storm should continue to drop snow across the entire area, bringing with it, a major reality check.

"It's pretty crazy. I can't believe it's the first snowfall yet," said Brian Forbeck, a driver from Appleton.

"I could do without the winter. I was liking the weather last week. Is this a rude awakening? Now I have to go home and fix my snowblower," said Tim Matuszewski, a driver from Green Bay.