Gov. Walker Reacts to Poll and Recall

Gov. Walker Reacts to Poll and Recall

By Heather Burke. CREATED Nov 16, 2011

While people sign to recall Governor Walker, he signs his name to a new bill at NWTC in Green Bay Wednesday  to move the economy forward.

"No protest or recall is going to create another job," said Governor Walker.

Hundreds of protesters rallied outside the governor's home in Wauwautosa Tuesday night. He says it crossed the line.

"In my home when I'm there I'm known as dad or Scott not the governor," said Walker. "I just think it shows you the intensity when you see out-of-state money or out-of-state people come in revving things up in this state."

Now a new Wisconsin Public Radio-St. Norbert college poll released shows the governor losing his support among Republicans and a majority supporting his recall.

The poll shows 58% want to recall Walker compared to 47% back in April. While 24% of Republicans also support the recall--compared to 7% in the spring.

"One thing you ask when you see numbers like that is why is that happening?" said Wendy Scattergood, St. Norbert political science professor.

Scattergood helped conduct the poll. She says many Republicans who support recalling Walker are younger.

"They're angry not just at Walker, but I think in general at government. They don't feel the economy is getting better," said Scattergood.

Governor Walker dismisses the poll and wants to focus on moving forward.

"I have no doubt the truth, the more it gets out, the more you'll see those numbers improve," said Walker.