Highway 41 Construction Update

Highway 41 Construction Update

By Chad Doran. CREATED Oct 24, 2011

Construction cranes reaching higher than the treetops as construction on Highway 41 in Brown County reaches a fever pitch.

"There's projects up and down the corridor, 14 miles of work is underway and it's really visable," says Highway 41 Communications Manager, Kris Schuller.

The progress is easy to see, as dirt piles dominate the area around Highway 41 and Highway 29 while construction barrels line most of Highway 41 through Brown County.

"Slow, it's real slow," says driver Dave Pendleton.

"Hopefully everything is going to keep running smoothly," adds fellow driver Dan Hietpas.

Drivers say navigating the construction zone can be tricky with shifting lanes and frequent closures.
Tonight Highway 41 will close near the Glory Road overpass, so workers can begin installing the new bridge span. The Glory Road overpass is another step in the project that many are excited to see finished for more reasons than one.

"It's gonna be nice when it's done, that's what I want to see, when it's done, otherwise it's kind of like rush hour is rough," Pendleton says.

Along with widening Highway 41 to six lanes throughout Brown County, two dozen roundabouts and nine new interchanges are also under construction.

"Road construction is one of those things, to make progress you have to have some inconvenience and right now we are in the inconvenience portion of it," says Schuller.

A fact most anyone driving the highway won't argue, as they look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

"I just want to get it over with and I'm hopeful for when it gets done too because I know the roads are much smoother and much nicer when the road construction is done, I just hate the interim period," says driver Dawn Gervais.