Marinette County Fatal Accident

Marinette County Fatal Accident

By Eric Peterson. CREATED Aug 31, 2011

A near head-on crash in Marinette County kills a woman and spills fuel into a nearby wetlands. 

The accident happened Wednesday morning on County Road B in the Town of Grover. The Sheriff says a car heading East, crossed the center line, and hit a logging truck, sending it into a ditch. 

When Sheriff Jerry Sauve came upon the scene, he says he knew it was going to be bad.

"For whatever reason, the poor woman crossed the centerline, it was a terrible collision," said Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve.

He says a 67 year-old woman from Coleman drifted into the path of a logging truck heading west, on Highway B in the Town of Grover. The driver of the truck told the Sheriff, there was little he could do.

"He said for some reason, the vehicle just crossed the center line, right into his path. He tried to avoid it, and ended up down in the north ditch," said Sauve.

The driver was ok, but the tanks on the truck, were leaking hydraulic fluid, and diesel.

"The fuel was leaking into a nearby wetlands. The DNR was on its way, but members of the Grover-Porterfield Fire Department had already started to clean it up.

"They had absorbents placed around the tanks to catch as much of it as we could. Which, of course, would alleviate a lot of the impact to the soil and to the wetland area," said DNR Conservation Warden Michael Stahl.

 Stahl says a total of 80 gallons spilled. He says the trucking company may be responsible for the cleanup.

"Hopefully the amount of fuel has been minimal, because of the fire department's actions here, and hopefully the cleanup will be done in just a few days," said Stahl.