District 30 Race

District 30 Race

By Eric Peterson. CREATED Jul 18, 2011

A lawsuit could be coming ..In the 30th District State Senate, ahead of tomorrow's General Election. David Vander Leest  is looking to unseat Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay. Today, Vander Leest announced he will sue Hansen, and his democratic backers for slander. Vander Leest calls the campaign ads,"Chicago-style mob politics." The incumbent Dave Hansen says, he has nothing to hide.

David Vander Leest says the attack ads are just too much."It's a shame, that that's how the political system is in Wisconsin, but when certain campaigns and P.A.C.s coordinate their efforts, then it becomes a violation of law," said David Vander Leest, Republican Candidate for State Senate.

Vander Leest says the lawsuit stems from politcal ads, like those put out by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, linking Vander Leest to charges of domestic abuse.

"The truth is I was never found guilty of domestic violence in the State of Wisconsin," said Vander Leest.

He says it's slander, and he will sue.

"The buck stops here," he said. "The people will not stand for it, and neither will I," said Vander Leest.

But at Democratic Party Headquarters, State Senator Dave Hansen says he had nothing to do with the ads.

"Obviously not. He can charge whatever he wants to charge. Again, I'm just caring about this election. It's about getting voters out. Not trying to make up stuff, distort stuff, just about this election Tuesday," said State Senator Dave Hansen.

A late-legal challenge, in a race, in the home-stretch.

"False, slander Chicago-style mob politics must stop in Wisconsin," said Vander Leest.

"He can say whatever he wants to say, I'm concerned about this election tomorrow,"  said Hansen.