Is Flipping House Seminar In Northeast Wisconsin A Scam?

Is Flipping House Seminar In Northeast Wisconsin A Scam?

CREATED May 4, 2011

Imagine being able to get out of debt. It seems promising from one company holding seminars here in Northeast Wisconsin.

Armando Montelongo from the TV show "Flip This House" says anybody can get rich flipping their house. But officials with the Better Business Bureau say it costs about $1500 to take the seminar. So is this flip a flop?

"There is site after site with hundreds of posts about how people are unhappy with this particular seminar," said Joe Cicero, a professor who took the seminar.

But Cicero didn't want to flip his house. He teaches a course about network security and wants to teach people about not getting manipulated. And Cicero says there were several warning signs at the seminar he attended in Appleton.

"They were really pushing that you should use your credit card," said Cicero. "The seminar presenter was in a suit. He looked good and spoke well. That doesn't necessarily mean that's someone we want to trust," said Cicero.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Armando's company has an "F" rating with them. That's because officials say they've had about 60 complaints, and have not responded to 16 of them.

"We've had complaints about the inability for people to get refunds and complaints of high pressure," said JoEllen Wollangk with the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin. "We also had complaints about it not being what people understood what the program was going to be when they signed up."

We stopped by Wednesday night's seminar at the Radisson in Appleton, but were shut out. Armando's company wouldn't comment. They also wouldn't let us talk to anybody attending the seminar.

We put in a call to the company's spokeswoman, but she hasn't called us back. Cicero says Armando wasn't at the seminar he attended. He wasn't there when we stopped by. Two more seminars are scheduled in Green Bay.