Which current, former Packers could make a good World Cup team?

Right now, that other kind of football is having its greatest tournament with the World Cup.  Of course, American football is king here.  We came up with a list of Packers past and present who could at least perform respectably at the World Cup....like losing 49-0 instead of 50-0.  Check out our fun list of a Green Bay Packers World Cup team.

  • Mason Crosby, Packers kicker, 2007-present. The high school soccer star is the franchise's second-most accurate kicker. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Al Del Greco, Packers kicker, 1984-87. The top-level golfer played for a state championship soccer team back in high school. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Paul Hornung, Packers halfback and kicker, 1957-62, 64-66. Though he wasn't the most accurate kicker in Green Bay, his shiftiness in the open field could translate to the soccer pitch. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Chris Jacke, Packers kicker, 1989-96. He's not only known for his clutch kicks, but he's a high school soccer star, and now a soccer dad. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Jerry Kramer, guard and kicker, 1958-68. He wrote in "Instant Replay" that his kicking form was more of a "boink." We'll have to discern which soccer position would suit him best. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Ryan Longwell, kicker, 1997-2005. He stands in the top 20 for most accurate kickers in NFL history. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Chester Marcol, Packers kicker, 1972-80. He's our team co-captain, as he played on Poland's national junior soccer team before emigrating to America. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Max McGee, Packers wide receiver and punter, 1954, 1957-67. He served as a punter for six years in Green Bay, and he could catch anything - perfect to play goalkeeper. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Ray Nitschke, Packers linebacker, 1958-72. Nobody would mess with him on headers. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Jan Stenerud, Packers kicker, 1980-83. The Pro Football Hall of Famer is our co-captain. Said to be one of the best youth soccer players in Norway as a kid, he revolutionized NFL kicking. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Willie Wood, Packers safety and kicker, 1960-71. The Pro Football Hall of Famer was a kickoff specialist for Vince Lombardi's Packers. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel