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"Sigh of Relief." FDL Climber Safe at Base Camp

A Fond du Lac man is safe tonight after he was reportedly climbing the mountain near the Epi-center of Mount Everest.

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Appleton homeless shelters breaking poverty cycle with peer-to-peer program addressing mental illness

APPLETON, WI -- A peer-to-peer program in Appleton is connecting those in the homeless community experiencing mental illness with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty. At the Fox Valley Warming Shelter, the issue of mental illness, and how it impacts those in poverty, has been a topic for years.

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Neenah Representative Pushes for Drug Testing to Receive Unemployment Benefits

A Neenah state assemblyman is trying to pass a bill that would require people get a drug test before collecting unemployment benefits.

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Police clash with ‘violent’ protesters in Baltimore

At least seven police officers injured. Governor declares state of emergency.

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