• 5 hours ago

No more complementary role, defense stars in Packers win over San Francisco

Once an understudy, the Packers defense shined bright in San Francisco. The defensive unit vastly out-performed their offense for most of the game, which isn’t a common or easily founded statement. They bullied the 49ers offense and harassed their quarterback Colin Kaepernick to the tune of 6 sacks.

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  • 3 hours ago

"Check Your Receipts!" Some Businesses Still Charging Stadium Tax

The Brown County half percent sales tax that was used to renovate Lambeau Field ended on October 1st. However, some Brown County businesses are still charging that half percent.

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  • 33 minutes ago

Calif. signs right-to-die bill into law

California is the fifth state to pass an act that legalizes physician-assisted suicide.

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