Things we will have to explain to our kids

Remember when you were a teenager and had to call the house "land line" to talk to a friend and often had to go through a parent first? That's something our kids will never experience... along with having to memorize your friend's phone numbers! Listen to the Morning MIX and the list of things they came up with.

Can you think of any others? Let us know! E-mail;

  • Standing in line at the video store, hoping to get the latest release on VHS! Photo courtesy Wachovia_138 on Flikr

  • No overnight TV! Television stations used to sign off for the night, leaving us with a 'test pattern' to look at, and nothing more. Photo courtesy 1950's Unlimited

  • TV's that didn't have remotes! You had to physically get up and turn the knobs (one for VHF and one for UHF!!) to change the channel. Photo courtesy jray0001 on Flikr

  • Dialing star-69. Photo courtesy Jagalandon on Flikr

  • Taking a photo and not getting to see how it came out instantly. Photo courtesy Canon

  • Taping a song off the radio so you could hear it whenever you want. Photo courtesy Jagalandon on Flikr

  • How the only way to get song lyrics was to hope the band or artist printed them inside the tape or CD liner notes. Photo courtesy Erika Randon on Flikr

  • Why we used to buy maps, and how they were so hard to re-fold. Photo courtesy Erika Randon on Flikr

  • Smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants. Photo courtesy WMBF