South Carolina mailman saves choking 11-month-old baby's life


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South Carolina mailman saves choking 11-month-old baby's life

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Aug 20, 2014

South Carolina mother Stephanie Cooper says that she and her husband will be able to celebrate their son's first birthday this weekend because of their mailman.

Cooper's curious 11-month-old son put a plastic wrapper in his mouth on Friday at their residence in Greer, and began choking on it.

“I turned around and started beating him on his back, but it wasn't coming out,” Cooper recalls for local outlet, WFYY 4. Desperate for help, Cooper ran out of her front door. Chris Brown, her mailman, was standing there with her mail.

“The mailman didn't even say a word. He just grabbed my son and did the Heimlich on him and out it came,” Cooper shares with WFYY 4. “The baby started crying so I said, ‘He's OK mom, he's OK, he's crying. He's OK.'"

In his past, Brown had to take a Heimlich maneuver lesson with the Post Office during an emergency training class. However, he'd never used his training in his 24 years of service until now.

“It was no coincidence that Chris was here at that exact time,” Cooper tells WFYY 4.


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