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White House sends three representatives to Michael Brown's funeral


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White House sends three representatives to Michael Brown's funeral

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Aug 25, 2014

Michael Brown, 18, will be laid to rest Monday (Aug. 25) during a public ceremony at St. Louis' Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church.

Brown was shot dead on Aug. 9 by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. The small town is finally hosting peaceful protests, after weeks of violent attacks and looting following Brown's death.

Brown's father, Michael Brown Sr., is asking the community for peace during his son's memorial. "Please, please take a day of silence so I can, so we can, lay our son to rest. Please. It's all I ask," he said during a St. Louis rally on Sunday, reports CNN.

Three funeral guests are confirmed as being sent on behalf of the White House. 

"One of them is Broderick Johnson, who leads the White House's My Brother's Keeper Task Force," CNN reports. "He'll be joined by Marlon Marshall, a St. Louis native who attended high school with Brown's mother, and Heather Foster. Marshall and Foster are part of the White House Office of Public Engagement."

According to CNN, "We don't want anything tomorrow to happen that would defile the name of Michael Brown," Rev. Al Sharpton said on Sunday. "This is not about our rage tomorrow. It's about the legacy and memory of his son, and the mother's son, and their families."

St. Louis authorities have confirmed that a grand jury began hearing testimony in the case against the offier on Wednesday. Nine of the 12 jurors have to agree on "probable cause" to define the case as a murder charge, or that of a lesser crime. The members of the grand jury can also decide to agree on no charges.

Watch the funeral live:

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