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Colorado replaces '420' mile marker sign after thefts

Colorado replaces '420' mile marker sign after thefts

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jan 13, 2014

It was probably the most stolen mile marker sign in the United States, and that was BEFORE Colorado made pot smoking legal.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has replaced a sign marking mile 420 on a Colorado highway with one that reads "MILE 419.99."

The sign is located on Interstate 70 east of Denver. It was actually changed last year, but a Twitter post over the weekend brought it to the attention of thousands of Twitter users and the media.

The Twitter post was made by @JournalistsLike after it was discovered on Reddit.

The number 420 is a code word for marijuana smokers.

Colorado's Department of Transportation couldn't say exactly how many times the mile marker sign had been stolen, but it was definitely enough to prompt the change.

It's not the only mile marker sign popular with thieves in the state. Officials also had to move a 69 mile marker about half a mile and label it 68.5 to avoid theft.


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