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Cleaning chemicals mixed with vanilla syrup served at Dairy Queen


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Cleaning chemicals mixed with vanilla syrup served at Dairy Queen

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Aug 25, 2014

A Colorado mother is speaking out after she purchased two vanilla milkshakes from a Thornton-area Dairy Queen and her young boy got very sick after drinking one of them. The DQ district manager has confirmed that cleaning chemicals were accidentally mixed with vanilla syrup flavoring.

On Thursday, Lisa Chase's son Riley told her, “I took a drink of it and tasted something very ‘chemically,’ and then my mouth and throat started burning,” reports Fox 31.

According to Fox 31, not knowing what was in the drink, Chase returned to the store for answers. A store manager allegedly told her “We don’t give money back. I can’t reimburse you for it,," Chase recalls for Fox 31. "I said, ‘No, I’m going to take this to the hospital with my son and you can pay for that, and he said, ‘Do whatever you got to do.'”

The district manager later called Chase to explain the store's accident to her. An employee allegedly took a cleaning bottle -- did not clean it -- and then filled it with vanilla syrup.

The Colorado Health Department is currently investigating the case, and DQ is "looking into what recourse the customers have with the restaurant chain’s insurance company," Fox 31 further reports.

Fox 31 has since received emails from other viewers who say they also became ill after drinking DQ milkshakes from the same location.

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