Temperature Pattern Will Flip Back To Summer

Temperature Pattern Will Flip Back To Summer

By Ted Keller. CREATED Jul 18, 2014

After a week of below normal temperatures, summer readings will return to the Ozarks next week.

It has been quite a cool week in the Ozarks.  High temperatures have stayed in the seventies since Tuesday.  Normal high temperatures run in the upper eighties for this time in July.

Low temperatures set records in the Ozarks especially on Wednesday morning.  Read more about those lows here.

It's been a cool July 2014 (see graph above).  We only rose into the nineties four times so far with the highest reading 92°.  Our average temperature is running about four and a half degrees below normal.

The upper level pattern is switching slowly over the next several days.  A ridge of high pressure will build in from the west next week, bringing hotter weather to much of the central U.S.  I expect a run of nineties in the Ozarks starting in Monday.

Rain will stay away from the Ozarks for the most part over the next seven days.