Summer Heat Finally Arrived In The Ozarks

Summer Heat Finally Arrived In The Ozarks

By Ted Keller. CREATED Aug 25, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 26, 2014


On Monday, Springfield hit 101° which broke the old record of 100 for that date set in 1938.


A streak of one hundred-degree heat is the hottest since two summers ago.

On Friday the 22nd, Springfield hit 100° This high was repeated exactly on Saturday and on Sunday.

Records were broken or tied over the weekend as a result of the heat.  Saturday's record high was tied while Sunday's record of 99° was broken.

If we hit 100 today, the record would once again be tied. It would also be the fourth one hundred degree day in a row.

The afternoon humidity has been moderate for summertime during this recent heat wave which is good news as it means the heat index has been kept somewhat in check.during the afternoon hours.

A Heat Advisory is in effect for today and Tuesday in the Ozarks.


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