A Tad Dry In The Ozarks

Latest Drought Monitor (August 12th)

A Tad Dry In The Ozarks

By Ted Keller. CREATED Aug 19, 2014

Portions of the Ozarks are running a little dry this summer.

The summer didn't start out that bad with rainfall fairly frequent and generous starting in May and spilling into June. Springfield's June rainfall total was 6.23"

July started out fairly wet but generous rainfall shut down about halfway through the month.

So far August has been dry in Springfield. It should be noted that very nice rains fell in extreme southern Missouri on a few occasions.  Weather observers Bob and Liz Rich in Shell Knob, MO picked up 3.17" of rain since July 30th!

The official record-keeping months of summer are June, July and August.

Since the start of 2014, Springfield sits at 21.18" which is 7.30" below what is normal this many days into the year.

With a hot ridge of high pressure building into the Ozarks over about the next week, very little rainfall is expected.