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Super Fast Broadband Network On Horizon For Nixa

Image by KTTS News

Super Fast Broadband Network On Horizon For Nixa

By Austin Robertson. CREATED Aug 4, 2014

A fiber network that brings super fast broadband directly to homes and businesses may soon be more widely available in Nixa.

"You're not sharing your signal with your neighbor or people in the area. So if you pay for 1GB or 100MB, then you get the full strength," says City Spokeswoman Jill Finney.

Finney says the fiber network already exists in some areas, but coverage is limited and very expensive.

"A company like SiFi has investors that would pay to build the network, which would be repaid by subscribers. That's why the feasibility study is so important. SiFi needs to know -and the city needs to know- if people would subscribe to this service and if it would be worth the investment to bring it to Nixa."

Click here to fill out the survey. Finney says it's open for a few more weeks.