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Springfield Schools Trying To Cut $4.5M Annual Utility Bill

Springfield Schools Trying To Cut $4.5M Annual Utility Bill

By Austin Robertson. CREATED Sep 16, 2013

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) - Five Springfield schools that made small changes to reduce energy use saved the district $16,000 last year.

The voluntary effort at Field, Harrison, Parkview, Rountree and Wilson's Creek schools was a preliminary trial in an energy efficiency plan the district is putting together.

the five schools did such things as turning off lights, unplugging appliances and programming room temperatures. Some schools removed appliances such as microwaves and coffee pots from classrooms.

The Springfield News-Leader reports the long-term plan will include shutting down unused buildings during the summer, designing new schools or additions to use less energy, and upgrading the 61 existing school buildings.

The district has been trying to reduce its annual $4.5 million utility bill for several years.