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MoDOT Issues Winter Travel Advisory

MoDOT Issues Winter Travel Advisory

By Greg Brock. CREATED Jan 5, 2014

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MoDOT/Southwest: Winter Travel Advisory

Extreme cold temperatures and blowing snow will keep roads snow-covered Sunday night through Monday, Jan 5-6.
Weather Forecast: Single digit temperatures are expected Sunday night and through the day on Monday. Gusty winds also are causing snow to blow across roads and create limited visibility.

Road Clearing: MoDOT crews will continue to do what they can to clear the most heavily-traveled roads. However, snow removal chemicals will have limited effect with the extremely cold temperatures.

Crews will make a pass or two down lesser traveled roads. Crews also will spread abrasives on hills, curves and intersections on lesser traveled roads.

However, roads may NOT be cleared until sometime on Tuesday when temperatures are expected to moderate.

Travel Conditions: Major roads will remain partly covered to covered.  Lesser traveled roads will remain snow-covered.

Drivers are urged to travel only if absolutely necessary.  If you must travel, drivers are urged to be prepared for extremely cold temperatures and keep an emergency kit with them.

Traveler Information Map: To find the most up-to-date road conditions in southwest Missouri and statewide, check MoDOT's Traveler Information Map.

More Winter Weather Driving Tips:

·        Travel only if necessary.

·        Buckle up.  

·        Adjust your speed to conditions.

·        Stay at least 100 feet behind a truck plowing/salting the road.

·        Keep your windshield and other windows clear to help you see.

·        Be alert for changing road conditions.

·        Don't tailgate.

·        Focus on driving and avoid distractions.

·        Allow for extra travel time.

·        Keep an emergency kit with you that contains snacks and extra warm clothes.

Road Condition Information:

·        MoDOT Customer Service: 1-888-275-6636

·        MoDOT Traveler Information map

Follow MoDOT's Southwest District:

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·         Twitter: MoDOT_Southwest

·        Google +: +MoDOT/Southwest District

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