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Joplin Students Get First Look At New High School On Thursday

Image by CGA & DLR Group/Joplin Schools

Joplin Students Get First Look At New High School On Thursday

By Lynne Roberts. CREATED Aug 28, 2014

After a week-long delay, the new high school and technology center in Joplin will be ready for students on Tuesday, according to school officials.

Edited from a press release from the Joplin School District:

After much deliberation and discussion with the board, teachers, students, and staff, we have decided to postpone the start of school to Tuesday, Sept. 2. This will give our JHS/FTC staff time to settle into their classrooms and offices. It will give our principals and safety officers time to train our staff on building procedures and safety protocols. And it will give our students and parents an opportunity to check out their new school, visit with their teachers, and become comfortable with this beautiful new space.

From a construction standpoint, the building will be ready to serve students in most areas by Monday, Aug. 25. There are certainly things that will still need to be completed throughout the building, but classrooms and common areas are in good shape. We appreciate how hard the construction team has been working to prepare this space for students. However, this three-year journey hasn't been just about a building. It's been about creating an educational environment where kids and staff feel welcome, comfortable, and confident so that they can be successful. For us at JHS/FTC, a mission accomplished means we have created this type of environment for our kids and staff - they deserve it!

Pushing the start date back by one week will mean adjustments to staff, student, and parent schedules. We have a draft plan for making up these days that was presented to the Board of Education at their recent meeting, and we will work with the JHS/FTC staff to finalize it and share that information with you.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, Aug. 28

JHS/FTC Parent & Student Open House

6:30-8:30 p.m.

2104 Indiana Ave.

(5:30-8:00 p.m. - Eagle wear sales)


Friday, Aug. 29

JHS/FTC and Memorial Campus (JHS 9-10 Campus) closed to students (to allow for final preparations before the start of school)


Tuesday, Sept. 2

First day of school for JHS/FTC students


Friday, Oct. 3

JHS/FTC Community Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting