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Greene County Leaders Prepare For Budget Reductions

Greene County Leaders Prepare For Budget Reductions

By Mike Morgan. CREATED Nov 5, 2013

Greene County leaders have issued a statement following Tuesday's defeat of a use tax by voters.


The following is from a news release by the county commission:


The voters of Greene County have spoken and a majority did not vote in favor of the Use Tax. While we are tremendously disappointed, we wish to express our thanks to those citizens who exercised their right and duty to come out and vote on an important issue which will affect our community.


We also wish to thank Citizens for Greene County – Chairman Jack Stack, Joe Jenkins, Treasurer, the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, and those who generously gave of their time and financial support on behalf of this issue.


Most importantly we want to thank our employees for their hard work and dedication. You have been through very difficult times in the past several years, and yet our employees have maintained the high levels of service upon which our citizens depend and have come to expect. We couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and dedication. We wish every citizen had a chance to walk in their shoes every day. They would be amazed at how much we accomplish with so little.


We now face a very difficult journey in the months ahead. Without additional revenue, departments which have already cut so much over the past several years will have to cut an additional 10% from their budget. We realize that it will not be possible to maintain the high levels of service of which we are so proud. Over the next few days we will be reviewing budgets and will inform the public of areas where services will unfortunately have to be cut back.


We ask for our employees to keep their faith as we work through this difficult task.