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Greene County Leaders Discuss Possible Lost Revenue

Greene County Leaders Discuss Possible Lost Revenue

By Mike Morgan. CREATED Jul 15, 2014

Greene County Presiding Commissioner Jim Viebrock says sales tax exemptions passed by lawmakers on the last day of this year's session would have a devastating impact on the budget.

Specifically $1.5 million for the law enforcement sales tax and $2.5 million in general revenue.

Viebrock says without the income, reserve funds will be depleted and county workers will have to go another year without pay raises. In the worst case scenario, jobs would have to be cut and services reduced so money could be made available to run the county jail.

"As long as we have detainees coming into the system, we have to provide space and food for them. Other services would have to be reduced to support that."

Viebrock, who spent eight years in the legislature, understands how the process works.

"The final day of session is chaotic and very hectic. A lot of things get thrown on these bills at the last minute that are not always fully vetted. In this case, a bill that really had some decent benefits for the state suddenly got piled on with several amendments that they didn't vet. The impact of that is devastating for counties."

He is hoping enough lawmakers will side with Governor Nixon and uphold his vetoes. The annual veto session is in September.