Branson Aldermen Considering Public Smoking Ban

Branson Aldermen Considering Public Smoking Ban

By Austin Robertson. CREATED Apr 23, 2014

Public smoking could become a thing of the past in Branson.

The issue is not up for a vote just yet, but city leaders have been asked to draft an ordinance.

Alderman Mike Booth says as a former smoker, he can't support the idea enough.

"I guess we're a little late, but better sooner than never."

Meanwhile, at one of Branson's few restaurants that allow smoking, opinions range widely.

Mr. G's employee Ann Marie Pounds says, "there's 450 restaurants in Branson and a lot of them are non-smoking, I think there are only four or five left you can smoke in, so what difference does it make? Branson has a lot more things to worry about.

Heather Holmes, one of Mr. G's customers, says she'd support a city-wide ban.

Branson Aldermen have not set a time table for the proposal to come up for official discussion. They say public input is welcome as the details are hammered out.