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BBB Warns Consumers Of Publishers Clearinghouse Phone Calls

BBB Warns Consumers Of Publishers Clearinghouse Phone Calls

By Joe Rios. CREATED Oct 4, 2013

Information from news release . . .


Your Better Business Bureau Serving Southwest Missouri is issuing a warning to consumers to be alert when receiving calls regarding supposed winnings.

Throughout the year, our office receives numerous calls from consumers who have received calls from “Publishers Clearinghouse” informing them of a supposed prize they had won.

An area consumer called our office to inquire about the legitimacy of a phone call she received with the area code of 876, that of Jamaica. The consumer was informed she won a prize in the amount of $850,000 and a new 2013 BMW. All the consumer had to do was pay 1 percent of the winnings for taxes totaling nearly $400. The taxes were to be paid using a pre-paid money card.

“At no time should you have to pay any money prior to receiving a prize of any kind,” said Judy Mills, President/CEO of BBB Serving Southwest Missouri. “Never give your personal banking information or any other financial information such as a transaction number from a money transfer or pre-paid card to someone you don’t know.”

BBB would like to remind consumers that by using cards pre-paid money cards; you are essentially paying in cash.

These pre-paid cards are great for paying bills online without having to give your personal banking information, but scammers have started using these to fraud consumers.

If you receive any phone calls or emails from Publishers Clearing House indicating you have won a prize and need to send money ... don't do it!

For more information on this and other scams start with or call 417-862-4222.