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All Ozark Conference Football Team Announced

The Kickapoo Chiefs take on Lee's Summit West in Class 5 playoff football. Image by Chase Snider / KTTS News

All Ozark Conference Football Team Announced

By Chase Snider. CREATED Nov 19, 2013

The All Ozark Conference Football Team has been released.

Just a week after Kickapoo's undefeated season came to an end the Chiefs have eight of their own on the list, including quarterback Anthony Cooper as Offensive Player of the Year.

Joining Cooper for the Chiefs are Layton Harris, John Fuchs, Corbin Harris, Jay Green, Tony Grant, Kelton Reeves, and Taylor Simmons.

Parkview, Hillcrest, and Glendale also joined southside Kicakpoo on the first team.

First Team

Grade Position School
Matt Rush 12 QB Hillcrest
Juwan Johnson 12 RB Hillcrest
Garrett McGuire 10 OL Hillcrest
Connor Ratcliff 11 WR Parkview
Evan Moore 12 OL Joplin
Adam Norsworthy 11 RB Joplin
Kullen Carlock 12 WR Camdenton
Bo Dean 12 QB Camdenton
CJ Stanton 11 OL Camdenton
Anthony Cooper 12 QB Kickapoo
Kelton Reeves 12 RB Kickapoo
Tony Grant 11 RB Kickapoo
Jay Green 12 WR Kickapoo
Corbin Harris 12 WR Kickapoo
John Fuchs 12 RB Kickapoo
Andy Satulla 11 RB Rolla
Elza Evans 11 RB Lebanon
Jacob Winyerrowd 12 OL Lebanon
Jace Hale 12 OL Waynesville


First Team Position Grade School
C.J. Hubbard DL 12 Hillcrest
Stanley Murphy DB 11 Hillcrest
Chandler Klein LB 12 Glendale
Mo Downey DB 12 Parkview
Josh Miller LB 12 Joplin
Kullen Carlock DB 12 Camdenton
Alex Wilsman DL 11 Camdenton
Shayne Cook LB 12 Camdenton
Elijah Ollison DB 12 Camdenton
John Fuchs LB 12 Kickapoo
Taylor Simmons DL 12 Kickapoo
Layton Harris DB 12 Kickapoo
Matt Wernsing LB 11 West Plains
Johnny Malone DL 12 Lebanon
Nick Piercy LB 11 Lebanon
Austin Evans LB 12 Lebanon
Desean Migo LB 12 Waynesville


First Team Position Grade School
Brock Renken K 12 Joplin
Kelton Reeves Returner 12 Kickapoo


Second Team Grade Position School
Chance Goff 12 OL Hillcrest
Jordan Lundquist 11 OL Hillcrest
Darnell Green-Beckham 12 WR Hillcrest
Chandler Collins 11 TE Glendale
Max Oeser 12 OL Glendale
Anthony Gilliland 12 QB Parkview
Ed Howerton 12 OL Parkview
Gavin Jones 12 WR Joplin
Terrell Gilmore 12 WR Joplin
Ryan Elliot 12 WR Camdenton
Ace Martin 12 OL Camdenton
Jess Emerson 10 OL Kickapoo
Dustin Wolfe 12 OL Kickapoo
Jacob Womack 12 WR West Plains
Gaige Moss 12 RB West Plains
Brad Bonham 12 OL West Plains
Jacob Banholzer 12 RB Rolla
Austin Knight 12 WR Lebanon
Johnny Malone 12 TE Lebanon
Isaac Archer 10 OL Lebanon
Varon Martinez 11 QB Waynesville


Second Team Position Grade School
Jason Hogue LB 12 Hillcrest
Colin Oestreich DL 10 Hillcrest
Jake Beam LB 12 Hillcrest
Danny Johnson DB 12 Parkview
Braden Rohrbaugh LB 12 Parkview
Tristan Ash LB 12 Joplin
Skyler Duley DB 11 Joplin
Jordan Webster DB 12 Camdenton
Brendan Babbs LB 12 Camdenton
Brigham Arnold DL 12 Camdenton
Matt Endsley LB 12 Camdenton
Josh Martin LB 11 Camdenton
Jake Snider DL 12 Kickapoo
Zach Wallace LB 12 Kickapoo
JR Fowler DL 12 Kickapoo
Mason Pack DB 10 Kickapoo
Paul Spits DL 12 Kickapoo
Scott Kohler LB 12 Kickapoo
Jacob Banholzer DL 12 Rolla
Dylan Bradshaw DB 12 Lebanon
Joey Bradford LB 12 Waynesville
Jacob Semple DL 12 Waynesville


Second Team Position Grade School
Taylor Middlebrooks K 11 Parkview
Kacy Hellmer K 12 Kickapoo
Connor Ratcliff Returner 11 Parkview


Honorable Mention Grade Position School
Billy Simcoe 12 OL Hillcrest
Brandon Vanderpool 11 OL Hillcrest
Cole Skidmore 11 WR Hillcrest
Parker Pedigo 12 OL Glendale
Deshawn Clancy 12 TE Parkview
Greg Robinson 11 OL Parkview
Chace Gibson 12 OL Joplin
Tamerik Branham 11 WR Joplin
Logan Sousley 12  OL Camdenton
Trey Raynor 12 WR Kickapoo
Kurt Nall 11 OL Kickapoo
Sage Wood 11 OL West Plains
Brenden Wuest 12 OL Rolla
Dalton Turner 11 OL Rolla
Luke Winfrey 10 QB Lebanon
Josh Archer 12 WR Lebanon
Conner Hicks 10 WR Lebanon
Kendrick Tiller 10 K Lebanon
Dusty Lucas 11 OL Lebanon
Ronald McLean 12 RB Waynesville
Darren Garcia 11 OL Waynesville
Michael Thompson 12 WR Waynesville


Honorable Mention Position Grade School
DeAunte Clayton DB 11 Hillcrest
Adam Thompson DB 12 Glendale
David Garland DL 12 Glendale
Alex Talbot DB 11 Parkview
Andrew Cocchiaro LB 12 Joplin
Eric Frandsen LB 12 Camdenton
Colby Rizer DL 12 Camdenton
Jason Broyles DL 12 Kickapoo
Mitch White DB 12 Kickapoo
John Williams DB 10 West Plains
Jacob Mitchell LB 11 West Plains
Logan Collins LB 12 West Plains
Kaan Kutmen DL 12 Rolla
Rocky Long DB 12 Lebanon
Austin Leochner DL 12 Lebanon
Lamar Holmes DB 12 Waynesville
Matt Dillon DL 12 Waynesville


Honorable Mention Position Grade School
Matt Rush Returner 12 Hillcrest


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