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Two areas of high pressure continue to develop; one to the northeast and the other to the southeast of southern Nevada. As both continue to strengthen, the atmosphere over the southwest will continue to stabilize and dry out. This will allow the continuation of mostly sunny to sunny skies, high UV indicies and an increase in afternoon high temperatures. This pattern will last through the weekend clear into next week with no chance for rain in sight. Highs today will range between the low and mid 90s with winds 5 to 15 mph. By Thursday, mid 90s will be common, upper 90s on Friday with the potential of our first triple digit heat of the year. Saturday is looking to be more confident for our first day in the 100s though and will hold to the low 100s through Monday. By the end of the weekend though, High pressure looks to shift; leaving its edge over the Valley. This will increase winds to between 10 and 20 mph with gusts up to 30mph. This will make it feel like your body is stuck facing an industrial size blow dryer! Remember, use sunscreen, stay hydrated and take breaks in the A/C to prevent heat stroke or heat exhaustion. 

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast
Las Vegas, Nevada

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