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Gorgeous weekend, showers possible next week.

Low pressure has shifted off to the east taking with it the bulk of the cold air.  High pressure is slowly drifting in from the west and our skies will remain clear because of it.  Temperatures will continue to rise into the mid and upper 80s for the weekend with Sunday being the warmer of the two days.  High pressure will be directly overhead so wind won’t be an issue into next week.  But the calm winds will allow our temperatures to fall pretty drastically overnight.  Lows will be in the mid to upper 50s overnight tonight and in the low 60s for the weekend despite highs near 90°.  The middle of next week will bring bigger changes in the form of another upper level low.  This low will have more moisture with it and will bring the shot for showers Wednesday into Thursday as it skirts the California coast.

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast
Las Vegas, Nevada

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