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High pressure is building in from the west, along the leading edge of the high some clouds will form but they won’t be more than some high level clouds and maybe a fair weather cumulous here and there.  That incoming high will kick the temperatures up and will completely clear out our skies into this weekend.  Temperatures will push into the upper 90s tomorrow with several areas around the valley cracking the century mark for the first time this year.  Las Vegas will hit 99° on Friday with areas like Whitney Ranch, Henderson and parts of Green Valley hitting 100° or more.  Densely populated urban areas with lots of pavement will also likely crack 100° for the first time this year.  Saturday everyone will hit 100° as even warmer air moves in and high pressure settles directly overhead.  Las Vegas will hit 102° with several areas hitting 105° or even 110° in places like Laughlin.  Sunday will be warmer still with highs around 103° - nearing record high temperatures.  Slightly cooler weather will come next week.

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast
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