The Crossings helps drug-addicted teens


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The Crossings helps drug-addicted teens

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Aug 8, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- John Ross is an 18-year-old recovering addict.

"Heroine is my drug. Heroine is the drug I had the most problem with. It's kind of the reason I left Michigan cause out here they have black tar. Back in Michigan, China white, peanut butter. Here, it's only black tar. That stuff is nasty. So I haven't touched heroine since I've been here."

It is mind blowing how an 18-year-old can know so much about drugs. But John Ross started young.

"I was 11-12 when I started smoking weed. 16 when I started shooting heroine. I was 17 when I tried meth. 17 when I tried crack."

He left Michigan after he and his mom became homeless and came here looking for a better life. Instead, he found more drugs.

"I had been postponing the call for a while because I was trying to find a girl to stay with or a place to stay and still be able to use drugs."

But finally, John Ross hit rock bottom and did call. Eventually he was placed at the Crossings. The program, run by St. Jude's Ranch for Children, is a supportive housing program for homeless young adults.

"They are going back to high school, enrolling in college classes, learning how to drive a car."

Denise Charles is the Crossings program manager. She said these teens end up in far worse situations if we leave them on the streets. So this program provides food, shelter, but also helps with drug and alcohol addiction.

The program has a proven track record and kids, like John, said it saved his life.

"As far as a dream, I want to have my mom in a penthouse in the next few years. I don't picture myself living there. I picture my mom living there."

Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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