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Rape Crisis Center hosts TeenSPACE Youth Summit


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Rape Crisis Center hosts TeenSPACE Youth Summit

By Elizabeth Gadley. CREATED Aug 21, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Who's better to reach teens, than other teens? That's the idea behind a new program put on by The Rape Crisis Center.

The center just hosted a unique new youth summit that gives teens the tools they need to make a difference in their community.

Chelsea Bright is just 19-years-old but she's already lived through a lot, "I'm part of the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and was very recently coming out of an abusive relationship."

She still gets choked up when she talks about what she went through but thanks to her adoptive parents and a good support system, she's on the other side.

"They finally stood up for me in a way I couldn't stand up for myself, cause I didn't have the confidence," said Bright. But she does now and she plans to use that new found confidence and her past experiences to help others.

Bright is just one of more than a dozen teens taking part in the Rape Crisis Center's TeenSPACE (Starting Prevention and Awareness in Communities Everywhere) Youth Summit.

"The event was really to bring young people together from around the Las Vegas Valley and to give them a chance to get  involved in violence prevention work," said Gabrielle Amato, Prevention and Education Manager for The Rape Crisis Center.

As part of the youth summit, each of the teens has come up with projects aimed at raising awareness and preventing violence they will implement over the next year.

"I'm hoping to be able to provide more resources to my peers and to be able to direct them towards a youth space, that is targeting sexual assault, decreasing the rates," said high school senior Kaitlyn Caruso.

Over the next year, The Rape Crisis center will support each student with the information and resources they need to make her plan a reality.

Elizabeth Gadley

Elizabeth Gadley

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Elizabeth Gadley is a general assignment reporter for Action News.