For Our Teens Special: Internet safety

For Our Teens Special: Internet safety

CREATED Apr 15, 2014

Channel 13's first town hall-style For Our Teens event took place Monday, April 14.

Channel 13 invited four experts in the community to talk about the issues of bullying, sex trafficking, homelessness and Internet safety.

Our panelists were Arash Ghafoori, who works with homeless youth; Dr. Beth Creel, who works with kids and teens who have been affected by bullying; Pastor Troy Martinez, who works those caught up in sex trafficking; and Sgt. Raymond Spencer, who is an Internet safety expert with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Teenagers have access to the whole world and everyone in it through their smartphones and computers. But that also means that those people have access to them. Unfortunately, many of those people are sexual predators who pretend to like what teens like: TV shows, video games, favorite brands or hobbies. About 1 in 7 kids have been sexually solicited online according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 58 percent of teens do not think posting photos or other personal information on social networking sites is dangerous.

Watch the segment about Internet safety: