For Our Teens Special: Homeless teens

For Our Teens Special: Homeless teens

CREATED Apr 15, 2014

Channel 13's first town hall-style For Our Teens event took place Monday, April 14.

Channel 13 invited four experts in the community to talk about the issues of bullying, sex trafficking, homelessness and Internet safety.

Our panelists were Arash Ghafoori, who works with homeless youth; Dr. Beth Creel, who works with kids and teens who have been affected by bullying; Pastor Troy Martinez, who works those caught up in sex trafficking; and Sgt. Raymond Spencer, who is an Internet safety expert with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Thousands of teenagers are currently living on the streets of Southern Nevada. Many of them are afraid, in danger and struggling for survival.

This year, the Clark County School District identified more than 8,000 homeless students -- more than ever before. This number includes kids living in weekly housing, shelters or on the streets.

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