Live Room Escape opens in Las Vegas, offers unique experience

Live Room Escape opens in Las Vegas, offers unique experience

By Brianna Vargas. CREATED Sep 3, 2014

You're trapped in a room with 10 other people and the only way out of imminent death is to solve the dangerous mystery that's keeping you locked inside.

You have 60 minutes to find all the clues and release the bolted doors to freedom.

Live Room Escape Las Vegas, located behind the Trump Hotel, opened its doors in May to locals and tourists alike.

The experience currently has three different rooms to test your abilities: Sherlock Room, Trap Room and the Saw Experience.

Each room has a different mystery to solve and dire consequences if you fail. It's all fake, of course.

The Trap Room is based around genius Mr. X who is trying to stop hackers from gaining information from the Internet. Each group is locked in the room with what appears to be random objects, a TV and a computer.

For one hour, the group has to put together the clues to unlock the computer code before nerve gas fills the room.

The Sherlock Room tests your investigative skills. Locked in a disastrous-looking room, players must siphon through the dozens of papers and artifacts to crack the code and get out of the room.

The Saw Experience is more than just a simple mystery. Players are tossed into Jigsaw's intricate death trap.

Stuck in a room chained to "bloody walls," players have to find their way out or become another Saw tragedy.

For $33, visitors of all ages can experience a real-life mystery. With school IDs, students can enjoy the action for a discounted price.

Live Room Escape plans to change out its rooms every four months and eventually add several more experiences.

The next experience scheduled to open is the Hunger Games Experience.

To set up bookings for groups or individuals, visit their website.