Strangers help find missing dog


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Strangers help find missing dog

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Mar 27, 2014

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- A Henderson family is back together again thanks to complete strangers. They showed up in the Nevada desert to help search for the family's missing dog.

On Christmas Day, Mark Cate took his beloved dogs to the desert near Boulder City for a day of exercise and fresh air. Something he'd done dozens of times before.  
"They saw a jack rabbit and they were gone. I told our son, 'No big deal. They'll come back. They always do'."
But the dogs didn't come back. Two days later, animal control called. They had one of the dogs--Journey.  But no sign of Buckley.
"It's a part of your family. You're excited one came back and on the other hand you're heartbroken your other dog is still gone."
A friend suggested they post a picture of Buckley on Boulder City Social -- a website and Facebook page created by Kathy Hicks.  "It's just a fun social site where you talk to people you might not otherwise know but you'd be happy if they were your neighbors."
Two months later, someone spotted Buckley near the landfill and posted his picture on Boulder City Social, giving Mark and Amy new hope.  Amy told us, "I created an event. I said, 'Anybody who wants to help us. I know it's a lot to ask. Please join us.'"
The following morning, strangers who saw the invite on Boulder City Social showed up before the sun was up to look for Buckley.  Kathy Hicks explains why. "I think everybody who came wanted to help Amy and Mark, but we also thought there is a dog in the desert. It is alive and we have to get it."
And that's exactly what happened that morning. After two months of searching and worrying, Buckley was back in their arms. "There's not words to describe the feeling.Gratitude seems low. It was humbling. very humbling, yeah. That people would sacrifice their day."
Buckley now has her own Facebook page. As for Boulder City Social, the website is a favorite for people to find out what's happening in town. The Facebook page has over 4,300 followers and is now responsible for reuniting many lost pets and owners.
Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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