Parrot rescue in need of foster families


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Parrot rescue in need of foster families

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Aug 20, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- If you like the idea of rescuing a pet but dogs and cats aren't your thing, there may be an animal for you: a parrot.

The Southern Nevada Parrot Education, Rescue and Rehoming Society is looking for foster families.

Jasmine is 40-years-old. She's just one of the parrots needing a home. Foster mom Skye Marsh said, "She's bald because she's lost two owners in a very short period of time."

Each of these birds has their own story. And most of them are being cared for by volunteers with the Southern Nevada Parrot Education, Rescue, and Rehoming Society.

Madeleine Franco is the Executive Director of the group, "Generally speaking the large majority of them are animals that have been previously loved. We do get some who have been abused."

Parrots live long lives, 40 or 50 years is normal. So as their owners age and people downsize, these majestic animals like Lola often find themselves homeless.

Foster mom Kelle Coble said, "Lola is doing really good. She looks 100 percent better than she did when she came to me."

Kelle has loved birds since she was a girl. Now her son is taking an interest too."They are amazing. They are so intelligent and interactive."

But they can also be noisy and a bit messy, which makes it difficult to find enough foster families. But Skye Marsh who fosters many, says it's incredibly rewarding when you take a neglected bird and simply groom their nails, beak and wings.

"You can pick up a bird at someone's house and they can be a devil. But by the time I'm done grooming them, you have a love bug on your hands because they know somebody cares."

Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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