Lotza Fun Summer Camp provides unique opportunity for local kids


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Lotza Fun Summer Camp provides unique opportunity for local kids

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Jul 23, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- What kid wouldn't want to go to a place called Lotza Fun Summer Camp? Unfortunately, many can't afford it.

The Lions Club is changing that and offering Lotza Fun Summer Camp for free to 26 local kids.

On Potosi Mountain, there's nothing to worry about except mastering bows and arrows.

"My nurse in my school got a scholarship for me and my cousin to go to this camp for free," said Oscar Nelson.

Oscar goes by Rambo up at the camp. All the kids have fairy tale names, and for one week, they enjoy a fairy tale life away from the pressure of home.

Several different Lions Clubs came together to make camp possible for kids who said they would've spent the summer on the couch. Now, they'll have a memory to last a lifetime.

"Normally I would've stayed home and read books. But this summer I get to go outside, hike, and see the nature and all the animals and blue sky and everything," said Cynthia Erazo.

"We went to schools and asked if there were children going to a free camp. No cost to parents or families. We asked them to send us children that are on the free lunch program so they'd have an opportunity like other children to go to camp," said Al Vangordon with the Lions Club.

The Lions Club used to bus kids to a camp up north, but this is the first year they've offered a camp closer to home.

It's more affordable so they can give this experience to even more Southern Nevada children and volunteers.

Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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